Helping Good Tacos Go Greek

Add zesty Mediterranean flavors to a Mexican staple with Greek yogurt, sun dried tomatoes and fresh veggies.

A fusion of two favorites.

Zesty Mexican food is delicious. But there are ways to freshen it up even more. Our recipe for Greek Turkey Tacos with Farm-Fresh Veggies and Crema Rosa features a group of ingredients that are lighter but still big on taste.

Greek Turkey Tacos RecipeBy using seasonal produce and lean turkey, this taco recipe already incorporates refreshing, nutritious elements. One of the surprising keys to this dish, however, is a superfood that’s stepped into the spotlight relatively recently–Greek yogurt.

Cooking with Greek yogurt lets you use a good alternative to ingredients like heavy cream, sour cream, mayonnaise or butter. It’s a nutritious option in recipes that call for normal yogurt, as the Greek variety contains more protein, less fat and beneficial probiotics.

While our Greek Turkey Tacos recipe is designed to incorporate Greek yogurt, you can also add it to other classic recipes. Just be careful not to use the vanilla variety unless it’s specifically requested.

If you’re ready to get your Greek Turkey Tacos cooking, check out our step-by-step instructions and a complete list of ingredients.

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